Running, sliding, tackling, scoring... A good game starts with great grass.
Make Life Beautiful

Fostering innovation

How can we help you take the next step? What are your needs? In this ever-changing world with its constantly shifting demands, Barenbrug wants you to be the best. That is why we invest in new technologies, new partnerships and innovation. We are thrilled by bold ideas!

Finding new ways, discovering the unknown: our experts travel the world to seek new solutions for your challenges of tomorrow. We love to see children play, farmers smile and athletes sweat. Every day, more than 110 R&D experts get up in the morning with one goal: to offer you a foundation for opportunities.


Think global, act local
Our worldwide R&D organisation enables us to think globally and act locally. Present on six continents in the main climate regions of the planet, we provide knowledge and innovative solutions for local applications and climate conditions. Do you need nutritious grass for your herd? Sturdy grass for exciting sports matches? Or inviting grass for your city parks? We can help. Well-known Barenbrug innovations are: RPR self-repairing ryegrass, Mow Saver, NutriFibre, SOS Super Over Seeding and Yellow Jacket seed enhancement. Innovative interventions that work. Let’s create the solution you need!


So many needs, so many solutions
Seed enhancement, endophytes, inoculants, hybrid breeding, sensor technologies… We leave no stone unturned when it comes to serving you. Whether you are involved in agriculture, sports or recreation, we encourage you to bring out the best in yourself. So jump on that tractor, swing that golf club, and relax. We give you the foundation for success.