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Sweet Sorghum (Sorghum vulgare)
  • Sweet sorghum x sweet sorghum hybrid
  • Suitable for grazing and hay making
  • Excellent for silage
  • Leafy with excellent palatability


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Forage Sorghum (Sorghum spp.)
  • Good quality grazing
  • Ideal for making hay
  • Excellent to use as silage


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Hybrid Millet (Hybrid Pennisetum)

Pearler is a high quality forage that can provide livestock productivity in summer similar to that from oats in winter. It has digestibility and protein levels similar to oats, ryegrass and Lab lab.

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Babala - Standard Cultivar

Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum)
  • Easy to establish
  • Grows fast
  • Ideal to fill gaps in any fodder flow


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Teff (Eragrostis Teff)
  • Multiple harvests during the season
  • Excellent forage quality compared to other C4 grasses
  • A very palatable “soft” forage for livestock
  • No prussic acid concerns
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SA Brown

Teff (Eragrostis Teff)
  • Excellent for hay production – especially in the higher rainfall areas
  • Can be used for grazing. 
  • Also very effective as green manure crop and to suppress natural weeds
  • Widely adapted to soil type – from sand to clay
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