SSH 4186 Oats

SSH 4186 Oats, an innovative addition to oat cultivation, are currently undergoing commercialization and seed production.

This cultivar boasts a spectrum of advantageous qualities, rendering it suitable for both grain production and utilization in grazing and hay contexts.


Highlighted features of SSH 4186 Oats include:

  • Demonstrated high yield potential, ensuring ample grain production.
  • Optimal suitability for grazing due to a balanced growth season.
  • Remarkable high hectolitre mass, indicating superior grain quality.
  • Exhibits robust lodging tolerance, ensuring stability even under adverse conditions.
  • Moderate plant height at 80 cm, facilitating ease of management.
  • Exceptional crown resistance, enhancing longevity and resilience.
  • The primary purposes of SSH 4186 Oats encompass both grain production and haymaking.


Recommended seeding rates:

  • Dryland: 25kg/ha
  • Irrigation: 75-100kg/ha