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White Clover - Kotare

Trifolium repens
  • Large leaved cultivar
  • High total yield
  • Excellent for dairy or beef grazing
  • Excellent summer and autumn yielding ability
  • High stolon growing point density for a large leaved clover


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    White Clover - Storm

    Trifolium repens
    • Flowering: Mid Maturity
    • A tall plant type that can aggressively compete in a mixed sward with ryegrass
    • Storm has excellent seedling vigour and is quick to establish
    • Excellent all season growth with very high yield potential across all seasons
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      White Clover - Haifa

      Trifolium repens
      • Widely adapted to soils
      • Large leaved, upright perennial clover
      • Good persistence under high stocking rates
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        Red Clover - Barduro

        Trifolium pratense
        • Large leaves and rapid establishment
        • Drought and heat tolerant
        • High yields


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          Red Clover - Kenland

          Trifolium pratense
          • Tall growing, short-lived, perennial legume
          • Erect, leafy stems
          • Improves the texture and fertility of the soil


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            Strawberry Clover - Palestine

            Trifolium fragiferum
            • Hard Seeded Strawberry Clover
            • Most Soil Types
            • Prostrate growing perennial clover with vigorous spring/summer growth


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