Dolichos Lablab

Lablab is one of the most ancient crops among cultivated plants. It is a late-maturing, vigorous, herbaceous annual or short-lived perennial legume. It has a twining growth habit, primarily used as a forage or fodder crop. It is suited for areas with 650mm average rainfall, although it very drought tolerant once established. Well drained soils are essential for good growth, being highly susceptible to waterlogging. Lablab can be sown in mixtures with millet and forage sorghums. In pure swards it generally produces 6-10ton/ha of herbage.

Key features

  • High forage quality
  • Generally higher producing than cowpeas
  • Can be utilized by grazing or hay
  • Restores soil fertility as a cover crop (green manure)
  • Good insect and disease resistance
  • Poor frost tolerance
  • Sowing rate:15-30kg/ha (pure swards)