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Plantain (Plantago)

• Winter active plantain variety
• Narrow leaved erect growth habit
• Overall DM yield similar to Tonic
• Suited to both dairy and S&B systems
• Great compatibility with ryegrass

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Kale - Caledonian

Brassica oleracea
  • Tall, high yielding kale
  • Good quality – soft stems
  • Caledonian high stem ME for a tall kale
  • Winter hardy
  • Club root tolerance
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Forage Rape - Interval

Brassica napus var. napus
  • Tall type
  • High quality feed
  • Good regrowth – 2 grazings possible
  • Flexible – summer or winter crop
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Winter hardy
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Drilling Radish - Daikon

Raphanus sativus

Daikon Radish has the ability to produce a large taproot and penetrate compacted soil layers in an effort to increases soil aeration, water infiltration, decrease compaction and provide increased rooting depth opportunities to successive crops.

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Fodder Radish - Tajuna

Raphanus sativus

Tajuna is a very quick growing green manure crop that can be used as quality feed as well. It has the ability to draw up nutrients from the subsoil and als penetrate compacted soils with its strong deep rooting tap root.

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Japanese Radish

(Raphanus sativus)

  • Very good cold and drought tolerance
  • Best suited to sandy and loam soils
  • Time of establishment: normally January/February
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Brown Mustard

Brassica juncea
  • Natural bio-fumigant of root-knot nematode
  • Reduces soil crusting
  • Improves soil infiltration
  • Increases organic matter and the subsequent increase in beneficial microflora and microfauna
  • Reduces effects of bacterial wilt on successive vegetable crops
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White Mustard - Sito

Sinapus alba
  • Helps to suppress weeds and act as a ground cover
  • The deep tap root can grow very deep, helping break up soil and scavenge nutrients
  • Works great as a bio fumigant and suppresses verticillium in potato
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Chicory - Commander

  • High quality forage option for dairy, beef and sheep
  • Leafy and erect growth habit for easier grazing
  • Performs all year round including winter


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Forage Turnip - Mammoth Purple Top

  • Widely adapted
  • Older variety
  • Hard flesh turnip


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Forage Turnip - Barkant

  • Vigorous white turnip
  • Good leaf & root yield
  • Ideal for grazing


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