Forage Oats

Forage oats is a winter forage crop and is very popular due to its ability to produce good-quality feed when most pastures are dormant. Many farmers rely on oats to fatten livestock during the period from autumn to early spring. It is a fast establishing autumn-winter growing fodder crop with high feeding value and a high leaf to stem ratio. It is most popular for silage, hay or grain production, but can be used for grazing as well. The ideal sowing time is March to May at seeding rates of 80 – 100kg/ha.


  • Medium height, erect specialist hay and grazing oat
  • Mid - late maturity
  • High forage quality and total yield
  • Dark green broad leaves
  • More rapid establishment, shows excellent seedling vigour
  • Better moisture stress tolerance
  • Ideal for hay production and grazing
  • Suited to a wider range of soils
  • Excellent frost resistance
  • Fantastic late sown option to provide high quality feed through winter with a late spring/early summer maturity