Cowpea is an annual summer legume, ideal for high quality summer forage for sheep and cattle, providing multiple grazing opportunities throughout the growing season. Cowpea is a fast growing and versatile legume providing good grazing, silage and hay options for producers.

Key features
• High quality forage for summer finishing feed
• Bred as a superior, more prostate, forage type
• Prostate growth habit withstands harder grazing and provides multiple grazing opportunities
• Improved stem en root rot resistance
• Great source of N-fixation in summer rotation
• Nil prussic acid poisoning issues
• Can be used as a companion crop with millets and forage sorghums
• Excellent soil improvement as green manure crop


Sowing rate: 15-20kg/ha (marginal soils); 25-30kg/ha (fertile soils)


Dr. Saunders
Bets Wit