Sweet Sorghum

(Sorghum vulgare)

Barsweet is a sweet sorghum x sweet sorghum hybrid which is perfectly suited for making silage and hay. It is also suitable for grazing at a mature stage, being leafy with an excellent palatability. It is an excellent stand over feed for late grazing into autumn and winter.

Key features
• Stand over feed: Very Good
• Stand Over: Excellent
• Hay Making: Good
• Green Chop: Excellent
• Silage – Pit: Excellent
• Silage – Plastic Wrap: Excellent
• Its late flowering reduces ergot risk

General comments
• Establish: Spring to Summer - when soil temperatures rise above 16°C
• Planting depth: 20 – 40 mm
• Roll the area after seeding/planting – this ensures good seed-soil contact
• Fertilise according to a soil analysis
• First cut when plants reach a height of 750 – 1000 mm

Seeding rate (marginal dryland):
Seeding rate (good dryland):
Seeding rate (irrigation):