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  • High yielding
  • Multipurpose
  • Excellent persistence
  • Strong pest and disease resistance
  • Good grazing tolerance
  • Improved performance in cold, wet environments
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    BAR 10

    • Highly winter active-rating of 10
    • Suited to cropping rotations, pasture mixes and year round hay production systems
    • Improved forage production and persistence over Sardi 10
    • High winter growth and a leader in grazing tolerance for a highly winter active lucerne
    • Very good seedling vigour
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      SA Standard

      Medicago sativa
      • High grazing tolerance
      • Drought resistance
      • High tolerance to root and crown diseases


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        Poor man's Lucerne

        Sericea lespedeza
        • Drought tolerant, non-bloating perennial legume
        • Resistant to diseases
        • Rarely attacked by insects


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          Medicago sativa
          • Highly winter active Dormancy 9
          • Prostrate crown providing better ground cover
          • Can persist well in low rainfall environments
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            Medicago sativa
            • Consistent seed yield returns
            • Excellent forage traits
            • Higher disease and pest tolerance
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              Medicago sativa
              • Good level of Winter activity (rating 6-7)
              • Well suited for use in cropping rotations
              • High nitrogen fixation for following crops


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