B1 Burgundy Bean (Macroptilium bracteatum)

B1 Burgundy is a perennial legume of the Siratro family. Suitable for grazing and hay production, it displays good drought and grazing tolerance. B1 burgundy establishes easily and perform well in combination with subtropical grasses.


Key features:

  • Highly palatable, non-bloating summer perennial
  • Suites a wide range of soils (sandy loam to heavy clays; pH 4,5 -8)
  • Excellent N – fixation
  • Good drought tolerance (min rainfall of 400mm)
  • Strong seeding regeneration under good management
  • Produces high quality hay
  • Suitable as ley legume in rotation systems
  • Sowing rate: 8-10kg/ha (monoculture); 2-3kg/ha (mixes)