Buffalo Grass

(Panicum maximum)

Panicum is a summer growing perennial grass that is widely used in cattle grazing systems. It is characterised by summer dominance and usually requires rainfall of 600 - 1 000 mm per year. It does not tolerate very wet, heavily structured soils or sandy soils with a poor fertility. It does however tolerate frost and soil acidity to a certain extent.

• Establish: Late summer or early autumn but not later than February
• It is sensitive to weed competition
• Can withstand frost to a certain degree

• Heavy grazing can have great negative effect on Panicum compared to other grasses, especially before the winter
• It should not be grazed or cut below 30 cm, to improve persistence and to achieve the maximum yield
• It should be allowed to grow out well after heavy grazing to maintain excellent production
• It is not suitable for sheep, seeing that their grazing habit is too low
• It has a better late season production and is more palatable than Smutsfinger grass

Gatton is a very palatable, shade tolerant grass with broad green leaves. It is well accepted by most livestock, with particularly high intakes of its young leafy growth.

Seeding rate (uncoated)
Seeding rate (coated)