Perennial Rye

  • New concept: Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass
  • High water requirement
  • Frequent irrigation
  • High mowing height
  • No winter dormancy
  • Susceptible to diseases


    •Exceptional dark green colour

    •Very fine leaf texture with excellent turf density

    •Provides elite perennial ryegrass turf quality

    •Early spring green-up

    •Traffic tolerant

    •Low mowing tolerance

    •Very good salt tolerance


    Barlennium turf-type perennial ryegrass is sure to impress not only today but also for countless

    tomorrows. Featuring the elite perennial ryegrass characteristics of dark green colour, low-compact

    growth habit, excellent turf density, broad climate adaptability, and overall strong turf grass quality,

    Barlennium is an ideal component for cool-season mixtures with Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescues.



    What to use where:

    • Sport fields
    • Fairways


    Seeding rate:

    • 40 g/m²
    Perennial Rye

    A cool-season, bunch type grass that can behave as an annual ryegrass depending on environmental conditions. Improved turf-type perennial ryegrasses are finer textured, denser, and more persistent, and have better mowing quality than the common types. Well adapted to temperate climates as a...