Blue Grass

  • Creeping cool seasonal grass
  • Very dark green colour
  • No winter dormancy
  • Shade tolerant
  • Susceptible to diseases - HGT (Barduke)
  • HGT - Healthy Grass Technology

    What to use where:

    • Sport fields
    • Shady areas
    • Fairways
    • Putting greens


    Seeding rate:

    • POA Trivialis 40 g/m²
    • Kentucky Blue 20  g/m²
    • True Putt Blend  40 g/m²
    Blue Grasses

    Bluegrasses are the most widely used perennial turf grass in temperate and subarctic climates. The most distinguishing vegetative features of bluegrasses are the boat-shaped leaf tip and the parallel light lines occurring on either side of the central vein of the leaf blade. Adapted to well-drained...