SOS 400

Annual Rye

  • New concept (SOS)
  • High water requirement
  • Frequent irrigation
  • High mowing height
  • No winter dormancy
  • Susceptible to diseases
  • Very fast to establish
  • Transitions out completely after winter

    Broadcasted: 25-30kg/ha

    Planted in rows: 20-25kg/ha


    What to use where:

    • Winter overseeding on warm season grasses


    Seeding rate:

    • 40 g/m²
    Annual Rye

    A cool-season annual or short-lived bunch-type grass. Annual ryegrass forms a fine- to coarse-textured turf, depending on seeding rate and density. Its use in seed mixtures is discouraged because of its aggressive seedling growth, which may prevent establishment of the more desirable cool-season...