The seed of champions at the 119th U.S. Open Championship in Pebble Beach, California

Oregon, June 7th, 2019 – This month, golf’s top players will meet in Pebble Beach California to compete in the 119th U.S. Open Championship. Over the course of six days, they will be tested over the beautiful yet challenging links course on the California coastline, with only one emerging victorious. Barenbrug  is honored to supply Pebble Beach Golf Links with our top performing grass seed. With over 114 years of experience, our family-owned company has been developing varieties that can survive the harshest climates and stand up to the most strenuous punishments since the beginning. We’re proud to say that this top-tier course, among many others, utilizes our grass seed for over 22 years.


Developing tailored Pebble Beach grass seed to withstand extreme traffic
Every year over 62,000 rounds of golf are played at Pebble Beach Golf Links. More than this, it is estimated that over 275,000 individuals will attend this year’s U.S. Open Championship. With this many people, there is a huge need for an advanced grass variety that can withstand this extreme amount of traffic. Our unique, Pebble Beach Blend, was crafted with this in mind. Coupling our 114 years of experience with the latest advancements in breeding technology, we carefully formulated this blend that will be on display for the world to see June 10th-16th.


Supporting the maintenance crew that realize an impeccable playing surface
Micah Gould, Barenbrug USA turfgrass product manager states: “Coming from the world of golf maintenance, I can sympathize with the maintenance crews at Pebble Beach in producing top notch conditions year-round for the plethora of tournaments and guest rounds. It’s this unique combination of high expectations and constant wear on the turfgrass that adds to the excitement in designing and testing blends for such a high profile, storied customer. While the highly skilled greenskeepers are the ones to truly credit for such an impeccable playing surface, it is our goal at Barenbrug to maximize the efficiency of the work they put in, and offer a product that can stand the test of time. We’re excited to get in on the action and volunteer on the maintenance crew this week at Pebble Beach, and look forward to watching the 6th U.S. Open held at this iconic venue firsthand!”


Royal Barenbrug Group
Headquartered in the Netherlands, Barenbrug is a fourth-generation, family-owned company dedicated to the research, development and production of grass seeds for agricultural and recreational markets. With over 800 employees, in more than 20 countries on six continents in all major climate regions, our mission is to increase animal productivity to help feed the world and enhance the enjoyment of green spaces.