Yellow Jacket

Guaranteed top yields for lucerne

Yellow Jacket - Rhizobium coating is Barenbrug’s enhanced seed coating for lucerne. Using new technology, high levels of effective Rhizobia are embedded in a protective polymer matrix.


Together with a nutrient booster containing all essential minerals and trace elements, this product is designed to improve establishment and increase forage production.



The Rhizobia in Yellow Jacket seeds are embedded in a polymer matrix around the seed. Extra preservatives and nutrients have been added to this matrix to increase shelf life and prevent the Rhizobia from stress. For that reason the number of Rhizobia on Yellow Jacket seeds is much higher than on seeds that have simply been farm-inoculated/pre-inoculated.


Why do Yellow Jacket seeds establish better?
After sowing, the coated seeds are heavier and have better soil contact. The seed coat attracts and holds moisture, so the seed germinates and establishes better than bare seeds. Yellow Jacket contains a nutrient booster, which stimulates the seedling and the activity of the Rhizobia. Finally, lime (CaCO3) from the coat lowers the pH around the roots, which results in better plant establishment and production.