Protective Polymer Matrix

Yellow Jacket’s unique technology


Barenbrug developed a new technology for the Rhizobium coating. This unique formula and procedure serve to incorporate the Rhizobium bacteria into a protective polymer matrix. A special mix with nutrients, preservatives and trace elements is also introduced into the matrix. In addition, optimal control during production, storage and transport ensure the high quality of the end product. This technology guarantees a high number of Rhizobium bacteria, together with perfect protection from stress factors, resulting in many powerful Rhizobia in the soil.



Unique Rhizobium strain 
A new, unique Rhizobium strain was developed by Barenbrug for this product through the extensive selection of many strains under a wide range of conditions. The new strain has demonstrated perfect survival capabilities under tough conditions. This ultimately leads to more powerful Rhizobia in the soil. Extensive research and field trials at Barenbrug Research have shown that lucerne seeds with Yellow Jacket - Rhizobium coating benefit forage production, especially under tough conditions.


Reasons for using Yellow Jacket:

  • A ready product – saves labour, reduces risks
  • Unique Rhizobium strain
  • Improved establishment under difficult conditions
  • Better use of available water and soil moisture
  • Increased disease resistance
  • Improved nitrogen fixation
  • Increased forage and protein yield


All of our lucerne varieties are available with Yellow Jacket seed coating.