Buffalo Grass

Panicum maximum

  • Can withstand frost
  • Good late season production
  • Palatable fodder

    Requirements and uses

    • Does not thrive on very sandy soils or on heavily structured soils
    • Can withstand frost
    • Minimum of 500 mm rain required
    • Has better late season production than Smutsfinger
    • As fodder more palatable than Smutsfinger grass



    • Sowing time: Late summer or earley autumn
    • Recommended not later than February
    • Sensitive to weed competition


    Sowing density

    • In rows:1-2 kg/ha
    • Broadcast:  6-8 kg/ha
    • Irrigation:  8-10 kg/ha



    • Heavy grazing can have great negative effect on Panicum compared to other grasses – restore more reserves in roots
    • Allow to grow out well after heavy grazing to maintain excellent production
    • Do not graze heavily before the winter
    • Not suitable for sheep – grazing height to low
    Subtropical Grasses

    Subtropical (warm season, C4) perennial grasses are traditionally grown in summer rainfall environments. However, they can be successfully grown in the Mediterranean environments due to a combination of drought tolerance and the mild winter conditions...