Buffalo Grass

Buffalo Grass (Panicum maximum)

  • Can withstand frost
  • Good late season production
  • Palatable fodder

    Gatton is a Panicum that is characterised by summer dominance and requires a rainfall usually in excess of 600 - 1 000 mm per year. It does not tolerate very wet conditions or poor soil fertility, but can tolerate acidity to a certain extend. It should not be grazed or cut below 30 cm for persistence and maximum yield.


    Requirements and uses

    • Does not thrive on very sandy soils or on heavily structured soils
    • Can withstand frost
    • Minimum of 500 mm rain required
    • Has better late season production than Smutsfinger
    • As fodder more palatable than Smutsfinger grass


    • Sowing time: Late summer or early autumn
    • Recommended not later than February
    • Sensitive to weed competition



    • Heavy grazing can have great negative effect on Panicum compared to other grasses – restore more reserves in roots
    • Allow to grow out well after heavy grazing to maintain excellent production
    • Do not graze heavily before the winter
    • Not suitable for sheep – grazing height to low
    Sowing rate (uncoated)
    3 - 8 kg/ha
    Sowing rate (uncoated)
    8 - 15 kg/ha
    Subtropical Grasses

    Subtropical (warm season, C4) perennial grasses are traditionally grown in summer rainfall environments. However, they can be successfully grown in the Mediterranean environments due to a combination of drought tolerance and the mild winter conditions...