Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne)

  • More feed when you need it
  • Animals love it
  • Excellent companion variety

    Viscount has been a standout tetraploid perennial ryegrass in Barenbrug Agriseeds plant breeding programme, with more early spring growth and better total yield than Bealey. Add to this improved rust resistance and better summer feed quality too. The biggest gain with Viscount is in its early spring growth, through calving or lambing when feed is most valuable. For dairy farmers extra grass at this time of year has been of great value too.

    Three reasons to sow Viscount perennial ryegrass:

    1.More feed when you need it.
    Viscount has a flowering date of +19 days (6 days earlier than Bealey). It has very good total DM yield but importantly has improved early spring growth – a time when feed is of the highest value in pastoral systems.

    2. Animals love it.
    Viscount has all the features animals love in a pasture;
    • the excellent palatability of a tetraploid
    • upright growth for ease of harvest
    • high quality with reduced aftermath heading and improved rust tolerance
    • clover friendly

    3. Excellent companion variety.

    Viscount performs extremely well in mixtures with red- and white clover, as well as diploid perennial ryegrasses like Trojan and Arrow.

    Sowing rate (pure)
    20 – 25 kg/ha
    Sowing rate (mixture)
    5 – 18 kg/ha
    Perennial Ryegrass

    Perennial ryegrass is a cool season perennial grass used in cool, temperate climates throughout the world. It has many worthy attributes and is considered the best overall pasture grass for many areas. The inflorescence is a spike with alternately arranged spikelet’s attached edgewise directly to...