Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne)

  • Very early heading date (-7 days)
  • Outstanding early spring growth
  • Very high annual DM yield

    Tyson is a very early-flowering, diploid perennial ryegrass, with tremendous early spring growth and excellent overall yield. With a -7 day heading date, it is the earliest heading perennial ryegrass on the market. Tyson is a terrific fit for most systems, where additional dry matter available earlier in the spring means more feed available for milk and meat production. Capturing this advantage in your farm system will translate into more milk production, and higher lamb and beef weights.


    Tyson has excellent total DM yield, similar to Trojan ryegrass, but it’s in early spring that it really shines with 18% more yield than other perennial ryegrasses. This is extremely valuable for several reasons:
    • Start your season earlier with less supplements
    • Early lamb drafts usually fetch better prices
    • Extra feed is freed up for other stock

    Provides more pasture for lambing and calving
    Tyson’s outstanding early spring growth helps overcome feed deficits typically associated with this period and is ideal for early lambing and calving farm systems.

    Optimises spring productivity
    Tyson is particularly suited to farm systems that need to maximise spring pasture and animal growth before the possible arrival of drier conditions.


    • Very early heading date (-7 days)
    • Outstanding early spring growth
    • Very high annual DM yield



    Tyson has been bred from our best early season perennial ryegrasses, Meridian and Arrow. Meridian was a very early cultivar we released a number of years ago with exceptional early spring yield. The improvement we have achieved with Tyson is to capture the best of this, and combine it with the best of Arrow. This gives both exceptional early spring growth and very good year-round total yield.



    Sowing rate (pure)
    20 - 25 kg/ha
    Sowing rate (mixture)
    15 - 18 kg/ha
    Perennial Ryegrass

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