Trojan - Flagship

Lolium Perenne

  • Excellent persistence
  • Exceptional winter growth
  • Better feed quality in late spring and summer

    Trojan simplifies your choice. It provides a balance of features previously unseen in a perennial ryegrass: exceptional DM yield across all seasons; excellent persistence; high feed quality, and good resistance to rust and plant pulling. Trojan is medium-fine leaved and densely tillered. It is intermediate in type between Alto (fine leaved and densely tillered) and the more upright medium leaved Arrow.


    Excellent persistence

    The persistence of Trojan has been excellent in trials in New Zealand and South Africa.


    Exceptional winter growth

    Trojan sets a new standard of performance in high cool season growth, during winter and early spring, with excellent summer and autumn yield.


    Better feed quality in late spring and summer

    Trojan is late heading (+16 days) with a low level of aftermath heading, giving it better feed quality in late spring and summer.


    Perennial Ryegrass

    Perennial ryegrass is a cool season perennial grass used in cool, temperate climates throughout the world. It has many worthy attributes and is considered the best overall pasture grass for many areas. The inflorescence is a spike with alternately arranged spikelet's attached edgewise...