SA Standard

Medicago sativa

  • High grazing tolerance
  • Drought resistance
  • High tolerance to root and crown diseases
  • Subterranean crown
  • Higher tolerance to grazing

    SA Standard was preferred over the small amount of other available cultivars because of its high grazing tolerance, drought resistance and high tolerance to root and crown diseases.

    SA Standard unfortunately has low tolerance against lucerne aphids, namely blue alfalfa aphid, pea aphid and spotted alfalfa aphid.

    SA Standard has a subterranean crown, and it is formed 4 to 7 cm under ground level and side shoots form from the crown. It is the crown that gives it a higher tolerance to grazing than most other lucerne cultivars as the crown is protected against damage.

    SA Standard has a live expectancy of up to 12 years on dry lands and up to 15 years under irrigation.


    Recommended sowing rates:

    • Dry land: 4 to 10 kg/ha
    • Irrigation: 15 to 20 kg/ha

    Lucerne is a perennial with a woody crown and an erect growth habit. It is suited to fertile, deep, well drained, neutral to alkaline soils. Its long tap root can access moisture deep in the soil profile, providing extraordinary summer growth and drought tolerance...