Medicago sativa

  • Consistent seed yield returns
  • Excellent forage traits
  • Higher disease and pest tolerance

    L70 is a new release to the Australian domestic market having been a successful export replacement for Aurora. With significant amounts of L70 now in production in Australia, it allows us to introduce this exciting new Aurora replacement to global producers.

    The ability of L70 to achieve consistent seed yield returns for contracted seed producers, now allows us to position the new L70 Lucerne at a very competitive price in comparison to Aurora. L70 exhibits excellent forage traits and good disease profile consistent with all of the Seed Distributors’ premium range Lucernes.


    L70 vs. Aurora

    L70 offers higher disease and pest tolerance compared to Aurora Superior forage genetics – higher leaf to stem ratio. Minimum 90% germination standards exceeds current standard for Aurora – 60%. L70 seed production is derived from dryland seed production stands only. This is to ensure the dryland integrity and performance of L70, when utilized in standard cereal undersowing practices and marginal dryland grazing enterprises.

    These attributes combined with superior plant genetics makes L70 an excellent new Lucerne option over Aurora. This gives Australian farmers higher returns and extra confidence with the Establishment Guarantee Program that older Lucerne varieties cannot offer or compete against.


    • Winter Activity: 7
    • Min Rainfall (mm): 350
    • Sowing Rate(kg/ha):
      Dryland: 4 - 8
      High Rainfall / Irrigation:10 - 15

    Lucerne is a perennial with a woody crown and an erect growth habit. It is suited to fertile, deep, well drained, neutral to alkaline soils. Its long tap root can access moisture deep in the soil profile, providing extraordinary summer growth and drought tolerance...