Medicago sativa

  • Good level of Winter activity (rating 6-7)
  • Well suited for use in cropping rotations
  • High nitrogen fixation for following crops
  • Improved disease & insect resistance
  • Higher productivity
  • Icon is suited to dry land or irrigated Lucerne growing areas and performs well in sites where disease susceptible varieties will not persist.

    Icon Lucerne was developed by selection from old established Lucerne stands where high plant populations have survived over time. Plant selection was based on superior forage yields, improved disease and pest tolerance. Icon plants are moderately tall with leafy stems and a high leaf to stem ratio. With a winter activity rating of 6-7, plants have good winter, spring and summer growth, (where moisture is available), with vigorous recovery from cutting or grazing.


    Recommended sowing rates

    • Dry land: 4 to 10 kg/ha;
    • Irrigation: 15 to 20 kg/ha

    Lucerne is a perennial with a woody crown and an erect growth habit. It is suited to fertile, deep, well drained, neutral to alkaline soils. Its long tap root can access moisture deep in the soil profile, providing extraordinary summer growth and drought tolerance...