Kale - Caledonian


  • Tall, high yielding kale
  • Good quality – soft stems
  • Caledonian high stem ME for a tall kale
  • Winter hardy
  • Club root tolerance

    Using Caledonian

    Sowing date:        Nov - Dec

    Graze:                  May - Aug

    Maturity date:       150 220 days

    Typical yield:        12-16 t DM/ha

    ME:                       11-12 MJ/kgDM

    Sowing rate:         5 kg/ha

    Herbs & Brassicas

    Forage brassicas are high quality, high yielding, fast growing crops that are particularly suitable for grazing by livestock. Both tops (stems plus leaves) and roots (bulbs) can be grazed and are very nutritious. All members of the brassica family...

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