Forage Peas

(Pisum sativum)

  • Grows well with most forage cereals like oats, triticale and barley
  • Rapid establishment
  • Adaptable to most well drained soil types
  • Medium-late flowering variety
  • High quality and palatability forage
  • Good disease resistance

Arvika is the most famous worldwide variety of forage pea. It is suited for producing fresh fodder, hay, and can also be used as a cover crop or green manure. High protein content ensures good feeding quality in most fodder systems. Arvika also enriches the soil with nitrogen harvested from the air and is ideal for crop rotation. The ideal planting time is from the end of April to mid-June but is moisture dependant. Forage Peas can be susceptible to leaf and stem disease with early establishments.


Forage Peas are an important component of autumn and winter forage and cover crop mixtures with cereals.

Seeding rate (pure):