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Blizzard Fodder Beet

Blizzard is a white skinned lifting fodder beet with high DM content (20-22%). It can produce very high DM yields, and should be used when maximum yield/ha is sought from a lifted crop. Because of its high DM content, Blizzard will store longer in a windrow than lower DM types when leaves are removed.


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Robbos Fodder Beet

Robbos has very good leaf keeping ability through autumn, winter and early spring. This is important because the leaf comprises a high percentage of the crop’s protein.


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Ribondo Fodder Beet

Ribondo is a true mono germ with very even bulb shape and size and erect leaves,
so it is ideal for lifting or grazing. The even height of bulbs above ground means
little bulb is wasted when leaves are chopped off in the mechanical harvesting


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