Soa Gabriel

Birdsfoot Trefoil

(Lotus corniculatis)

• Fixes nitrogen and increases the quality of pastures
• Ability to flourish under conditions where other legumes are unsuccessful
• Seedling establishment is slow and it should be given time to build up reserves before the first grazing
• Great companion crop for temperate grasses

Lotus corniculatis is a high quality, non-bloating, perennial legume adapted to acid and waterlogged soils. Birdsfoot trefoil is most successful in areas where white clover is unable to perennate due to an extended summer drought and Lucerne is unable to be productive due to low soil pH and/or winter waterlogging. It is used primarily in combination with cocksfoot on acid soils and can be used with fescue on waterlogged soils. It is cold and frost tolerant and requires a rainfall of 600 mm. Birdsfoot can be cut or grazed and will spread if it is allowed to set seed.

Seeding rate (pure):
Seeding rate (dryland):