Westerwold Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum)

  • Excellent for overseeding and mechanical harvesting
  • High Yields
  • Very High Quality
  • Early Production
  • Winter-hardy
  • Good Rust Resistance

    Maximus Westerwold Ryegrass



    Maximus is an elite mid flowering tetraploid annual ryegrass with more even seasonal growth, good heat tolerance and good rust resistance. Maximus sets a new standard for high performance tetraploid annual ryegrasses. Developed from a Mexican background, Maximus has good heat tolerance and good rust resistance. Maximus is fast establishing giving good early feed and high winter production providing more even seasonal growth.


    Key Features:

    Maximus has high feed quality and is later flowering than Tetila so maintains that quality well into late spring and early summer. With high water soluble carbohydrate (sugar) levels, Maximus has high palatability and is excellent for silage and hay production. Maximus is a tetraploid annual ryegrass and is a suitable replacement for varieties such as T-Rex, Winter Star and Tetila.


                    Maximus features and benefits

    Plant Features Forage Benefits
    Earlier production
    High sugar content
    Large leaves
    Rust resistant
    Higher yields
    Earlier availability
    Increased intake
    Excellent quality




    Sowing rate (drilling)
    18 - 20 kg/ha
    Sowing rate (broadcast)
    21 - 25 kg/ha
    Westerwold Ryegrass

    Autumn planting / Feb. – Apr. Long photoperiodic day lengths stimulates flowering and seed production – normally around October. This result in a decrease in DM production and less palatable pasture. Good production during Autumn and early Winter.