Annual Ryegrass

  • Very high quality

    Archie is a tetraploid annual ryegrass for quick nutritious feed over a 6-8 month period. Ideal for use between maize and other summer crops. Archie's rapid establishment and winter growth make it ideally suited for use as a winter crop. For feed into late spring and summer, we recommend Tabu Italian ryegrass. 


    Management of Annual Grasses

    Annual ryegrass is normally planted from March through May. The recommended seeding rate is 20-25kg/ha in a well-prepared seedbed. The ideal sowing depth is 2cm. Broadcasting and no-till are two of the most popular planting methods. Once established, grazing the pasture should commence at a four leaf stage. Rotational grazing will provide the best yield result, however, ryegrass will tolerate close and continuous grazing. Ryegrass responds to Nitrogen and is tolerant of moderate soil acidity. In high rainfall areas, high production can be expected throughout the winter. To increase winter forage availability, annual ryegrass can be planted with a companion, such as a small grain crop or forage turnip.

    Westerwold Ryegrass

    Autumn planting / Feb. – Apr. Long photoperiodic day lengths stimulates flowering and seed production – normally around October. This result in a decrease in DM production and less palatable pasture. Good production during Autumn and early Winter.