Lolium multiflorum

  • Superior rust resistance
  • High yielding
  • Winter hardy
  • Exceptional recovery

    Barextra is a new and exciting Italian ryegrass variety. Barextra has shown impressive performance in trials and out of 30 varieties, it was one of the top in yield screening trials. It is a high yielding, winter-hardy tetraploid variety with superior rust resistance that stays leafy longer into the summer. High quality, high sugars. It is more persistent than other Italian ryegrasses making it suitable for both mechanical harvesting and grazing. Sowing rate at 20-25kg/ha.

    Sowing rate
    20 - 25 kg/ha
    Italian Ryegrass

    Autumn planting / Feb. – Apr. Produce early winter feed, but grows less active during coldest months. Best DM production during Spring. Seed production stimulated  by a cold period (winter). Growth stops during November/December...