Teff - SA Brown

Eragrostis Teff

  • Self-pollinatd, warm season annual grass
  • Can be harvested multiple times
  • Fast-growing crop
  • Excellent forage quality
  • High yield

    Teff is a self-pollinated, warm season annual grass which can be harvested multiple times during the growing season as dry hay, silage or pasture. As a fast-growing crop, Teff combines excellent forage quality with high yield during a relatively short growing season.


    • Cultivar: SA Brown
    • Average rainfall: 500 mm +
    • Excellent for hay production – especially in the higher rainfall areas
    • Can be used for grazing. Should be grazed at an early stage to improve palatability
    • Also very effective as green manure crop and to suppress natural weeds
    • Plant from October to December
    • Widely addapted to soil type – from sand to clay
    • Fertilizer applications will have effect on dry matter production
    • Sowing rates: 10-15 kg/ha in your lighter soils and up to 25 kg/ha in your heavy soils


    Teff Management

    Firm seed bed at planting is absolutely critical. Seeding depth should not exceed 1cm. Soil temperatures at planting should be at least 16° C and warming. Teff will not tolerate a frost. Planting dates should be well beyond historic first spring frost date. Teff grows best when air and soil temperature are warm. Early spring plantings during cool periods may result in slow growth and crop stunting. Optimal cutting stubble height is 10cm. Multiple cut systems may require split applications of nitrogen for maximum production. Delaying harvest until heading may adversely affect the production of subsequent cuts and total seasonal yield.



    Annual Summer Grass

    Cool-season grasses produce ample forage in the spring and fall, but high temperatures and short-term drought stress often limit growth during the summer months. Therefore, there is a need for additional grazing, hay or green-chop during midsummer