Forage Sorghum

(Sorghum spp.)

Bargrazer is a forage sorghum X sudan hybrid variety that has proven itself time after time. It is widely adapted, doing well on sandy-, loam-, and clay soil. It provides good quality grazing and is ideal for making hay.

General comments
• It requires seasonal rainfall of more than 500 mm
• Cows can start grazing at 75 cm and sheep at 50 cm
• Graze down to a height of no less than 200-250 mm
• When making bales it should be cut before stems get too thick. 3 to 4 cuts are possible if done at 75-90 cm
• Establish: October to December – soil temperature must be 16°C and rising
• It reacts positively to Nitrogen applications

Seeding rate (dryland):
Seeding rate (irrigation):