Subterranean Clover (Trifolium subterraneun)

  • Black seeded subterranean clover
  • Mid season maturity - 130 days to flowering
  • Very drought tolerant
    • Annual and dependent on seed for the following years growth
    • Very drought tolerant
    • Shallow rooted so can’t utilise deeper soil moisture
    • Susceptible to red-legged earth mite and lucerne flea damage
    • Poorly tolerant of water logging
    • A potential weed in cropping systems
    • Highly productive in spring but no summer production
    • Not suited for spring sowing



    • Black seeded subterranean clover
    • Mid season maturity -130 days to flowering
    • Susceptible to Clover Scorch and Root Rots
    Sowing rate (pure)
    10 -15 kg/ha
    Sowing rate (mixture)
    2 -6 kg/ha
    Annual Clover

    Annual clovers are commonly used in South Africa and predominantly in the winter rainfall areas. These seasonal species have the ability to produce good quality feed under dry land or semi-irrigated areas where cereals used to be the norm. They are widely adapted to most soil types and being a...