Balansa Clover (Trifolium michelianum)

  • Tolerates water logging
  • Tolerates mild soil salinity
  • Mid season maturity

    Balansa clover is well adapted to most soils in the pH 5.2 to 8.0 range, but not deep sands. It is highly tolerant to water logging and has tolerance of mild salinity. It is an effective substitute for sub clover in the right conditions. Balansa is very hard seeded which is useful with cropping phases and harsh summers. Grazing the pasture during summer and autumn will help soften the seed and improve germination. Take care not to overgraze perennial species in the pasture.

    Balansa clover is semi erect in its growth habit and has proved very satisfactory as a monoculture or as a companion with short term grasses. Balansa clover is well adapted to most soils in the pH 5.2 to 8.0 range, but not It is highly suited to hay production. It is an aerial seeder, so deferring grazing during flowering and seed set is necessary to create a good seed bank. This is critical during its first year for regeneration in future seasons.



    • Annual regenerating clover
    • Mid season maturity – approx 120 days to flowering
    • Tolerates water logging and mild soil salinity
    • Sowing rate: 2-6kg/ha (Pure) 1-2kg/ha (Mixes) 
    Sowing rate (pure)
    5 - 6 kg/ha
    Sowing rate (mixture)
    1 - 2 kg/ha
    Annual Clover

    Annual clovers are commonly used in South Africa and predominantly in the winter rainfall areas. These seasonal species have the ability to produce good quality feed under dry land or semi-irrigated areas where cereals used to be the norm. They are widely adapted to most soil types and being a...