Arrowleaf Clover

Trifolium vesiculsum

  • Upright in its growth habit
  • A low bloat risk
  • Very slow to establish
  • Little winter growth
    • An annual clover
    • Upright in its growth habit
    • A low bloat risk
    • Suited to a range of soil types providing they are well drained and pH 5.0 to 7.0
    • Very sensitive to red-legged earth mite attacks as a seedling
    • Intolerant of water logging
    • Very slow to establish with little winter growth
    • The seed should be sown in autumn into a well prepared, weed free seedbed
    • The seed is small and seedlings slow to establish. Arrowleaf clover is very sensitive to being sown too deep (10mm)
    Annual Clover

    Annual clovers are commonly used in South Africa and predominantly in the winter rainfall areas. These seasonal species have the ability to produce good quality feed under dry land or semi-irrigated areas where cereals used to be the norm. They are widely adapted to most soil types and being a...