High milk production thanks to NutriFibre

Healthy cattle are a prerequisite for high milk production. And a prerequisite for healthy cattle is healthy feed. NutriFibre provides the right combination of effective fibre and feed value to keep your cattle healthy and ensure a high milk production. 


Replace straw in your feed rations

Barenbrug advises you to replace the straw or grass seed hay in your feed rations by Nutrifibre. A cow will produce 1 litre of milk from 1 kg of straw or grass hay with a  VEM (Available energy for milk production  of 450. If that kilo of straw is replaced by 1 kg of NutriFibre with a  VEM of 900 , the cow will produce 2 litres of milk. The feed value of Nutrifibre is twice as high as that of straw or grass seed hay, resulting in a high milk production. 


Soft-leaf tall fescue 

NutriFibre contains soft-leaf tall fescue, bred by Barenbrug. It is a lush grass species with a high effective fibre content and digestible cell walls ensuring a high milk production. Many dairy farmers don’t recognise the bred soft-leaf variant of tall fescue because it differs visually from the hard-leaf variant.


High yields per hectare

Tall fescue establishes slowly because it invests a lot of energy in the development of its root system in the first year. But after that first year, tall fescue produces 25-30% more mass (3000 kilos of dry matter per ha) than perennial ryegrass, corresponding to around € 750 more per hectare per year. When the milk quotas will be abolished in 2015, dairy farmers will need more forage per hectare to ensure a high milk production. NutriFibre will help them realise that aim.


The combination of feed value and  effective fibreensures a high milk production and a healthy rumen activity.