Soil Improvement

  • The main purpose is to improve soil structure.
  • Factors to address will be soil aeration, organic matter, soil microbe activity and nutrient fixation.
  • Root development is crucial with regards to depth, speed of development and spreading ability.
  • Nitrogen fixation will/can also be a beneficial factor.
  • Products for this purpose:
    • Fodder Radish, Faba Beans, Forage peas, White Mustard, Vetch, Oats (winter rainfall area)
    • Fodder Radish, Turnips, Beets, Sunflower, Forage Sorghum, Sunn Hemp, Dolichos Lablab, Burgundy Beans (summer rainfall area)
  • Example of a mix:
    • 3kg Tajuna Fodder Radish + 10kg Arvika Forage Peas + 2kg Sito White Mustard + 25kg Outback Oats