Protein Boost

  • Main purpose is to have a high protein forage source.
  • Single species can be used but multi-specie combinations has proved to suppress weeds better due to various growth patterns.
  • Inclusion of legume species for higher protein content also benefit the soil through nitrogen fixation.
  • Can also be used as hay or silage.
  • Products for this purpose:
    • Triticale, Oats, Stooling Rye, Vetch, Lupines, Forage Peas, Fodder Radish (winter rainfall area)
    • Jap Radish, Turnips, Kale, Chicory, Cow Peas, Burgundy Beans, Forage Sorghum (summer rainfall area)
  • Example of a mix:
    • 50kg US2014 Triticale + 10kg Haymaker Vetch + 20kg Bitter Lupines