White Mustard

(Sinapus alba)

  • Late maturing variety, allowing maximum biomass production
  • Helps to suppress weeds and serves as a ground cover
  • Its tap root can grow very deep, break up soil and scavenging for nutrients
  • Works well as a bio fumigant and suppresses verticillium in potatoes
  • High pollinator value

Venice White Mustard is a remarkable crop with an exceptionally rapid growth rate, quickly forming a dense canopy that effectively smothers and suppresses weeds in agricultural fields. What makes it even more valuable is its deep root system, which plays a crucial role in nutrient recycling. Venice mustard efficiently recycles nutrients that may have otherwise leached past the root zone of cash crops, contributing to improved nutrient utilization within the ecosystem.


This particular brassica species, like others in its family, contains a high Sulphur content, and this Sulphur can become available to subsequent crops when Venice mustard is incorporated into the soil. This feature enhances its utility as a natural bio-fumigant and nematode suppressor, making it a versatile and eco-friendly choice for crop rotation strategies. Venice White Mustard's compatibility with most grains and vegetables further underscores its suitability in diverse agricultural systems, making it a valuable addition to sustainable and soil-friendly farming practices.

Seeding rate: